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Our Legacy

Al Bakrawe Group

We deliver the finest and freshest produce, all year long, in all seasons.

We take immense pride in being the leading supplier of fresh fruits and vegetables to a wide array of prestigious hypermarkets and supermarket chains. Our company holds the esteemed position of being the number one provider to major retailers, including Carrefour, Viva, Spinneys, Lulu hypermarkets, Tamaraat, Union Coops, and Nesto. Moreover, we are privileged to serve the GCC’s elite supermarket chains, such as Panda and Al Othaim. Our commitment to quality, reliability, and customer satisfaction has enabled us to build enduring partnerships with these renowned retailers and solidify our position as the premier choice for fresh produce in the region. Al Bakrawe also specializes in export services, catering to various regions including the GCC, the Middle East, North Africa, India, Indonesia, and Bangladesh. 

Our company’s global presence is firmly established, supported by representative offices and extensive import connections spanning South Africa, Europe, Asia, Africa, the USA, New Zealand, Australia, and other international regions. This extensive reach allows us to embrace freshness, innovation, and unparalleled quality in all our products and operations.

years of experience

Our group of companies :

Al Bakrawe Fruits and Vegetables L.L.C

The heart and soul of the operation, delivering a bountiful array of fresh produce to satisfy even the most discerning palates.

Al Bakrawe General Land Transport L.L.C

Ensuring seamless logistics and transportation, their fleet became the lifeblood that kept the business thriving.

Al Bakrawe General Trading L.L.C

Venturing beyond produce, this subsidiary became a hub for a wide range of high-quality goods, catering to diverse market demands.

Al Bakrawe Foods FZE

A shining star in the culinary sky, specializing in innovative food products that tantalize taste buds and redefine gastronomic experiences.

Al Shabab Shipping

UAE's logistics leader since 2006. Own fleet, diverse services - Air, Ocean, Land Freight, Warehousing, Customs. Excellence guaranteed!

Al Bakrawe Egypt

Citrus paradise, vibrant warehouse of splendid treasures. Freshness embodied, exporting delights to the UAE and the world.

Thimar Libnan Supermarket

Committed to superior shopping experiences, offering a diverse range of high-quality products for customer satisfaction.

As importers and re-exporters/distributors, we have established a formidable presence in numerous countries across the region. Our experience and broad network enable us to acquire the finest products from across the world, assuring a continuous supply throughout the year, regardless of season.

With Al Bakrawe, you can trust that you are receiving only the best, freshest fruits and vegetables, reflecting our commitment to integrity, quality, and high standards, Two of our signature products, Al Bakrawe AB branded bananas from Ecuador’s depths and the AB-Fiesta Pineapples from the Philippines’ tropics, have gained us retail recognition, which made us expand to other products in the market like Sweet C and Pink Lady Apples.

We cater to the major hypermarkets in the GCC and the UAE, making our presence felt in numerous outlets across the nation. Our wholesale division plays a pivotal role in supplying local, regional, and international fresh produce traders, ensuring that our high-quality offerings reach every corner of the market.

Our HORECA services are unrivaled for the most prestigious hotel providers in the UAE. We understand the demands of this market and strive to surpass expectations by delivering excellent goods on time and catering to the most exquisite palates.

At Al Bakrawe, we are not simply a fresh produce company; we are the embodiment of excellence, driven by passion and an unwavering commitment to our customers.

Our Values

We will continue to improve the journey our products undertake from our suppliers to our stores, so that Al Bakrawe products always remain price competitive and great value for money.

Our Mission

Deliver top-quality fruits and vegetables, providing comprehensive services, and exceed customer expectations in the MENA region's fresh produce industry.

Our Vision

To be the leading force in the industry, setting new benchmarks for freshness, exceptional service, and customer satisfaction in the global fresh produce market.

Our Story

A Path of Integrity, Trust, and Legacy

The year was 2002. The place was the Middle East. The markets were bustling with activity, and the air was thick with the smell of spices and fresh produce. In the midst of all this chaos, a young man named Ammar Bakri had a vision.

He dreamt of bringing the freshest produce of the highest quality to both the local and international markets. Setting out to transform the way people experienced fruits and vegetables, he built a company that was synonymous with quality and excellence.

Al Bakrawe quickly rose from humble beginnings to become a dominant force in the fresh produce industry. The company embarked on an extraordinary journey of growth with an understanding of the evolving market dynamics and a burning desire to cater to the ever-growing demand.

Al Bakrawe Group became not just a market leader but a beacon of innovation, shaping the landscape of fresh produce importing and exporting in the Middle East.

Despite the numerous obstacles that lay ahead, Ammar’s dream thrived in the heart of the Arabian desert. As the continuous heat pounded down on the countryside, producing a hostile atmosphere unsuitable for cultivating and transporting fresh food, Ammar recognized the importance of his mission. He gathered an elite alliance of experts who shared his passion for changing the agricultural landscape. By harnessing the power of innovation, he devoted himself to staying at the forefront of technological advancements. It was then that Ammar’s vision unfolded like a vibrant tapestry.

Fields of once-deserted soil bloomed a variety of fruits and vegetables. Once regarded to be uninhabitable, the Middle East has become a beacon of agricultural abundance.

Al Bakrawe Group continues to thrive under Ammar Bakri leadership, guided by the basic principles of quality, dependability, and customer satisfaction. The development of five subsidiaries added to the company’s success, each a monument to the devotion and entrepreneurial spirit that remains inside the organization.

As time passed, Al Bakrawe Group’s impact grew throughout the GCC and the Middle East, reaching far and wide to satisfy clients’ appetites. The company continues to thrive, writing new chapters in the chronicles of fresh produce quality, thanks to a fantastic team of bright individuals united by a common goal of success.

Al Bakrawe’s journey serves as a reminder that a legacy may blossom from a single seed of inspiration, influencing future generations. Today, the term Al Bakrawe is synonymous with freshness, excellence, and a commitment to providing the finest that nature has to offer.


Laying the Foundation

Al Bakrawe was established in 2002, laying the foundation for a successful journey in the fresh produce industry.


Spark of Achievements

During this period, Al Bakrawe excelled as a company, earning numerous awards for being the largest exporter in the country. We expanded our operations, focusing on regional imports, exports, and distribution.


From Fields to Shelves

Al Bakrawe ventured into retail sales, establishing partnerships with hypermarkets to offer our high-quality products directly to customers.


Global Growth

In 2014, Al Bakrawe expanded its reach beyond the local market, venturing into international trade and establishing itself as a global player in the fresh produce industry.


South Africa's Leading Importer

Building on our commitment to excellence, we became the leading importer from South Africa, offering exclusive access to the best produce from the region.


Delivering Beyond Expectations

Recognized for our exceptional quality and service, we became a trusted supplier for Carrefour, one of the largest hypermarket chains in the region.


Community Care

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Al Bakrawe supported the UAE government by providing 22,000 tons of vegetables and fruits to the Ministry of Economy. This helped the government take important steps to fight the global crisis and make a postive impact.


Supplying Excellence

Al Bakrawe achieved a significant milestone by becoming the top supplier to most supermarkets in the UAE, cementing our position as a trusted provider of fresh produce.


Versatility Redefined

Al Bakrawe acquires Del Monte Middle East premises, expanding with juice factories, cold stores, packing rooms, and more, to support our growing business and network.


Harvesting Success

Presently, Al Bakrawe operates as a group of companies, offering a comprehensive range of services and products across various sectors of the fresh produce industry.


The Visionary's Voice

Insights from
The Founder & CEO

Welcome! It brings me great joy to have you here. Our journey began with a powerful vision: to bring fresh produce from farms to the markets of the UAE. Today, I take immense pride in being one of the country’s largest and most innovative providers of fresh produce.
What started locally has now evolved into a robust regional distribution network. Al Bakrawe Group has grown from domestic trading to become a prominent player in the fresh produce industry. We supply directly to major hypermarkets, supermarkets, and food service operators, let alone catering to the hospitality sector the finest quality and service. 
Aligned with the UAE’s vision of development and innovation, our commitment is to bring renowned brands and top-quality produce from around the world to the Middle East. Freshness is our hallmark, and our dedication to excellence is unwavering.
I extend my sincerest gratitude for your support and trust in the Al Bakrawe Group. Rest assured, we will serve you with the highest standards of quality and customer satisfaction.
Thank you for being a part of this journey.
Sincerely yours,

Ammar Bakri
Chief Executive Officer of Al Bakrawe Group
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