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Putting People First: Al Bakrawe’s community support in the COVID-19 crisis

Amidst the unprecedented challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic, Al Bakrawe, a leading fresh produce company, stood as a steadfast ally to the UAE government. Demonstrating unwavering support, they generously provided 22,000 tons of vegetables and fruits to the Ministry of Economy. This remarkable gesture played a vital role in fortifying the nation’s response to the global crisis and ensuring the well-being of its citizens.

With the pandemic’s impact on food security, Al Bakrawe swiftly recognized the urgency to maintain a stable supply of fresh produce. Their proactive approach to meeting the UAE’s essential needs significantly alleviated concerns about food shortages, bringing reassurance and comfort to countless households.

Through their collaboration with the Ministry of Economy, Al Bakrawe’s provision of nutritional support proved instrumental in enhancing immunity and supporting public health initiatives. Their contribution not only bolstered the nation’s resilience but also contributed to the overall well-being of communities across the UAE.

In these challenging times, Al Bakrawe’s extraordinary donation of 22,000 tons of vegetables and fruits has left an indelible mark on the UAE’s fight against COVID-19. Their unwavering commitment and solidarity with the government exemplify the power of collective effort during crises.


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